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Coop Gruppe Genossenschaft

Car accessories, spare parts, high-tech firmware and programs for the formation of engines, equipment for car services.

Who We Are

About Us

We focus on auto accessory industry. We are making an effort to make a difference every day. Beside normal car accessories, we also release new items each month. We try to make a product that is innovative and unique as the brand itself. Our policy is "try to create products that are unique, distinct and exciting, in order to ensure each product success from the start".

Our team is skilled in identifying and predicting trends. Our team is passionate & creative. We aim to offering the best quality products as we can as possible. And meantime, trying our best to keep improving our service. In order to be competitive all the time, we are striving for bringing down the cost, too. Our service philosophy is "to be honest and pragmatic. And meantime, seeking to exceed customers' expectations".

Coop Gruppe Genossenschaft is committed to being your professional supplier & partner in the field of car accessories. We are looking forward to establishing a mutual-benefit, long term business relationship with you!

What We Offer

Interior Accessories

● Car Floor Mats ● Car Steering Wheel Covers ● Car Seat Covers ● Car Seat Cushion ● Car Sun Shades ● Booster Cable ● Warning Triangles ● Safety Vest

Exterior Accessories

● Car Covers ● Door Trim ● Solar Films ● LED Flexible Strips ● LED Working Lamps ●Wrenches ● Wheel Nuts & Wheel Bolts ● Car Roof Racks, Bike Racks & Roof Bars

Our main Partnets

Nan Yang Textile Group Asia Company Limited (TH)

STENN Assets (UK) Limited

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Coop Gruppe Genossenschaft

Legal address of the company - 44 Szancowa street Warsaw, Poland, 01-458